Our Teams

Kathleen Felt

Planning a trip for my clients is like a puzzle for me, and I am not happy until all the pieces are seamless. I not only want to know where you want to go on your vacation, I want to know why, and what you envision. My 27 years of experience will save you time and money, and often get you extra perks that you don’t get from the internet. The priority for me is to provide the best customer service to my clients; offering friendly, professional, expert care.

Helene Schriber

With twenty-five years of experience in the travel industry I am able to provide the knowledge and passion for all your travel needs. I truly believe that travel enriches your life, and opens all of life’s possibilities. My areas of expertise are: River and Ocean cruising, Worldwide Escorted Tours, Yacht and Expedition cruises, as well as multi-generational trips. Your greatest asset is your leisure time, let someone who believes in service excellence plan your vacation of a lifetime.


I have not traveled as much as my coworkers, but I do love a good Dog Park. My job here is to make you happy when you visit our office. I have been Employee Of The Month more times than anyone else. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Anita Lawson

Having something exciting to look forward to is so important for happiness and well-being. What could be more wonderful than exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and making new friends? As a travel consultant, being able to make this happen for people is very fulfilling. In 1980, my husband and I led a group to Israel. The owner of the travel agency who made the arrangements invited me to be an “outside” agent. That led to full time and eventually a management position. Now I work from my home office. Over the years, I have organized and led groups to many destinations. Watching new friendships develop and creating new memories has been very rewarding for me.

Al Torok

I was raised in born in Austria and Germany, moved to the USA as a teenager. After graduating from the University of Illinois I went in to the US Navy. After a 30 year career that took me allover the world, and instilled in me my love for travel, I retired. I wasn't ready to start playing golf on a regular basis, so I took up travel instead. My passion for service and seeing the world has served my clients for over 20 years. I have visited nearly 100 countries on six continents. Through a rich network of contacts and firsthand experience, I assist clients with planning vacations on tours, cruises, and world wide travel.

Harriet Niss

I started out in the retail travel business as a novice, and later became a partner, in CRA Travel, the agency that managed leisure travel for the employees of General Dynamics. When General Dynamics closed I found a new home at Regency Travel and have been here ever since. I work hard to make my clients' travel dreams come true by providing complete and thorough plans for each trip from beginning to end, I fell in love with the travel business the first day I walked in to CRA Travel, and still enjoy every day at Regency.

Bobbi Laufer

I have been selling travel since 1982, specializing in exotic destinations. I have traveled to most of the major countries and territories of the world and continue to explore additional foreign locations annually to increase my personal knowledge in order to provide firsthand information to my clients. My working hours are 24/7, even while traveling. Every year I escort small groups to remote corners of the world, which have included Cuba, Tibet, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Madagascar, Mozambique, Borneo, and Brunei. My experience as a foreign-language teacher has enhanced my ability to serve my clients, occasionally tutoring them before or after their trips.

Nancy Curtis

Travel is a passion of mine and there is never enough time to see all of the wonderful places in this world of ours. Active vacations have been a focus of most of my travel and tourism. I have skied all over the world and golfed from St. Andrews to St. Thomas. I have been a group planner and organizer for most of my traveling life. One group of dentists have been going on the ski trips I arrange for them for over 30 years. We are running out of new places for them to explore. I make sure all of the details are taken care of so the participants on these trips can have a seamless and satisfying vacation experience.