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10/06/17 Have you ever been to the Maldives? If you are like most of us in the United States the answer is no. Well I am lucky enough to be packing my bags to go there in 2 weeks. Part of the fun in traveling for me is the preparation. Learning about the destination, buying a few things I might need, and imaging the fun I am going to have. So that is where I am right now. I will keep you posted as the journey gets closer.

  1. Thanks for your reply Sooz. After the Maldives I will go to Dubai for 3 nights. I’m flying on Emirates Airline and the connection is in Dubai. It’s a great opportunity to visit this land of contrasts. The flight from here to Dubai is 15 hours then another 4 hours to Male, Maldives. Yes that seems like a long time but I know it will be worth it.

    3 days to go…

    • Sooz Baziuk says:

      Can you post pics of your flights with Emirates? I’ve always wanted to fly with them. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics too!

  2. I made it to SFO. Just waiting for my flight to Dubai. I am always taken aback when people tell me they hate to fly. I love it! I always go online and look at the airport I am connecting through to see what kind of interesting things they offer. One cool thing Dubai has is sleeping pods. If you have a layover and want to get a few hours sleep you can rent them by the hour. On Emirates if your layover is 8 hours or more they provide you with a hotel, transfers and meals. That’s what I’ll be doing before heading to Male.

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