Best cities in the United Staes for a cup of Coffee

The Top Coffee Destinations in the US

PHOTO: A new report from WalletHub identifies the top coffee cities in the United States. (photo via Flickr/Michael Allen Smith)

Discovering a stellar cup of coffee is serious business for coffee lovers.

And nowhere are people more obsessed with coffee than in the United States, according to a Gallup Poll that found Americans lead global coffee consumption at 146 billion cups per year.

That’s right, Americans are the most caffeinated humans in the world.

So, it will likely come as good news that WalletHub has identified the best coffee destinations across the country. To develop its ranking the site compared America’s 100 cities across 14 key indicators tied to coffee. The study took into consideration coffee shops, coffee houses, and cafes in a given city.

Based on all of that data Seattle, Washington came in as the top coffee destination in the country, which really should come as no surprise.

The cities rounding out the top 10 on the list include Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; Chicago, Illinois; Denver, Colorado and Washington D.C.

Among the cities coming in at the bottom of the list of 100 were Greensboro, North Carolina; Toledo, Ohio and Loredo, Texas.

The study also provides a variety of other helpful tips regarding coffee in cities around the country.

For instance, it ranks the cities that offer the lowest average price for a cup of cappuccino. The five cities topping this category are Jersey City, New Jersey; Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Buffalo, New York.

The U.S. cities where a cup of Joe will set you back the most are Washington D.C.; Memphis, Tennessee; Fresno, California; Bakersfield, California, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

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The report provides a variety of other coffee-centric data as well including rankings of cities with the most coffee shops and cafes per capita and those cities with the fewest.

Just for good measure, in case you need a snack while consuming all of this coffee, the report also identifies cities with the most and the least donut shops per capita. The winner for the most donut shops was New York, New York.

All of which will come in handy the next time you’re planning a coffee and donut-focused vacation.


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